Frugal Friday

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It’s Frugal Friday- my weekly round-up of frugality wins and frugality fails chez moi.

Frugal Wins

  1. We didn’t eat out at all for dinner this week- I’m counting this as a major win, considering it’s been approximately 1.3 billion degrees (give or take a few degrees) here all week and I have had no motivation to turn on the stove. Or cook. Or move from the couch. SO HOT.
  2. I didn’t turn the thermostat down- Again, it has been HOT here and the house we’re renting was enrolled in the “on demand” program (or something). Basically, during times of peak demand, we get less energy to our house. Saves us some money. Helps the energy company manage high demand. But let me tell you what- the air conditioner has NOT kept up during those times and the house has gotten HOT. But, I sent F. to bed in only a t-shirt, pulled out my lightest pajamas and we muddled through a much hotter than normal house.
  3. I paid for a doctor’s visit in cash- When B. deployed, we became eligible for Tricare, but F’s current ENT wasn’t a covered provider under Tricare. However, Tricare is free and our health insurance prior to that most certainly was not (well over $300/month).  So paying for one or even two ENT visits out of pocket (even at $170) a pop is still a much better financial deal for us.  (And yes, I called the ENT before we switched to get an estimate of what her visit would cost without insurance). Also, my self-pay amount was about 1/2 the price that my insurance company settled with the provider previously.  (Note: I am not in any way advocating not having health insurance. Health insurance is vital to protect your family, both medically and financially, since medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US.
  4.  I took F to different free things to do.  We went to a free local splash pad last Saturday, we went to a free mall play area today and we have been VERY creative at finding fun indoor activities at home.  And tomorrow we’re meeting friends at the splash pad, for a very frugal and very fun playdate!
  5.  I managed to combine vacations and save money- My sister just had a baby and I have been eagerly trying to find a way to go visit her and her husband. I didn’t think it was going to work (flights were well over $700 and work right now is insane) but then a friend suggested that flying out of other airports might be cheaper. I already have some travel planned to Chicago in August and it turns out the a flight from Chicago to my sister and my sister to here was $300 cheaper than a flight from here to my sister and back. Plus, I’m leaving Chicago two days earlier than planned, so the flight minus the two nights I don’t have to stay in a hotel averaged out to approximately $200 to go visit my sister and brother-in-law. I can’t wait to snuggle their sweet new baby!!

Frugal Fails

  1. I did not plan food right this week- In a rare turn of events, I did not buy enough fruits or vegetables this week, meaning that I ran out of vegetables for lunch well before the end of the week.  So I ended up buying a side salad at work today and some popcorn yesterday. BUT! I still brought what I had, so I didn’t have to buy a full meal. So…kind of a win?
  2. Starbucks- always a frugal fail. I was tired and I make bad money decisions when I’m tired.  Caramel macchiatos from Starbucks are my kryptonite. #basic (seriously people, you know you have a problem when your toddler tells you she wants caramel macchiato for dinner….)

How did you all do this week?



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