August Budget

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DEBT OWED: $146,869 (roughly)

August Budget

Yucky yucky debt

  • Minimum payment: $1300
  • Planned overpayment: at least $2000 in addition to the $1300 budgeted


  • Rent: $1300
  • Utilities: $260
  • Cell Phone: $50
  • Groceries: $600- This is higher this month because I know I need a bunch of things at Sam’s Club and that’s never an inexpensive trip. Also, the freezer is out of meat. I gratefully accepted a bunch of pork and beef from my dad, but I’m thinking I need to stock up on some chicken if it goes on sale.
  • Gas: $200
  • Car insurance: $350- Because we drive 15 and 12 year old cars, respectively, our car insurance is pretty affordable. Also, living in a safe are doesn’t hurt either. Because it’s so affordable, we prefer to just take the hit twice a year and pay the whole bill, rather than saving a little toward it each month. We used to do that, it was confusing, this is easier.
  • Daycare: $980
  • Vet: $300- Our dog is due for his yearly check-up, a whole bunch of shots, a medication refill and a bath/toenail cut (I pay someone to do this because I dislike being bitten repeatedly)
  • B.: $500- B. is in charge of managing his own money while deployed. He gets $500, he can spend it any way he wants.

Other expenses

  • Maid: $250- Covering three visits instead of two because the month worked out weird
  • Lawn Care: $150- I think this is high, considering that most of my grass appears to be dead, but we’ll see. I only pay if they actually mow the lawn, so I won’t be paying for it if they don’t need to mow.
  • Clothing: $100
  • Gymnastics: $48
  • Restaurants: $100
  • Netflix: $11
  • Hair/Cosmetics: $50
  • Fun money: $100
  • Miscellaneous: $200
  • Charity: $65- We tend to do most of our charity spending right around the end of the year, but will occasionally spend during the year as opportunities arise. This month’s purchase was $65 worth of school supplies to donate to our local community for students and teachers in need.
  • Vacation: $300- I’m going on vacation in August! Just me, sans toddler- I’m really looking forward to it.

Total planned expenses (excluding debt): $5914

% of projected monthly income: 63%– This is a little higher than I prefer, but we have quite a few extra expenses this month, both necessary (vet, car insurance) and frivolous (vacation).  Oh well. I think September will look better.

We set our budget every month using Every Dollar. The free version is pretty good, but the paid version allows you to link up your bank accounts and any credit cards you may have. It also has a mobile app and both are incredibly easy to use. 


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